PMI-SVC Financial Operations

PMI-SVC Financial Announcements

The expense and income forms have been updated and are available at the links below. These forms contain an instruction tab so you can see how to properly fill out the expense and income forms. The Board policy requires that the appropriate VP reviews the expense first before it is submitted for reimbursement.

Click below for the PMI-SVC Expense form..


PMI-SVC policy requires that expense forms with receipts for reimbursement be submitted within 30 days of the event. Steps for approval:

* Send an email to the relevant VP for review and subsequent approval.
* The CFO can be cc'ed on the email
* Functional VP approves the expense form.
* Sends the approved expense form to CFO for reimbursement.

PMI-SVC Financial Statements

* Click HERE for the Balance Sheet  Requires Chapter Login