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There are several categories of advertising available with PMI-SVC, including website advertising, newsletter advertising, and event advertising. In addition to the PMI-SVC Advertising Program, PMI-SVC also offers a Corporate Sponsorship Program for organizations looking to develop a deeper relationship with PMI-SVC. Each of the distinct types of advertising is outlined in detail in this section.

Website Advertising

PMI-SVC has over 1,500 members in the Greater Sacramento, San Joaquin Valley, and the Central Valley areas who regularly visit the PMI-SVC website ( Website advertising offers two different advertising options: 1) the option to have your advertisement placed on the Home Page Banner, and 2) the option to have your advertisement placed on a secondary page utilizing a rotating advertising button (ad button).

The Home Page Ad consists of two rotating ad spaces that will accommodate a maximum of 8-10 advertisers, along with side panel banner ads on the right side of the PMI-SVC homepage. This is considered the prime advertising area as most visitors to the PMI-SVC website will begin at the home page location.

The Secondary Ad Buttons, while smaller, will provide advertisers the opportunity to have a rotating ad that can provide up to 4 opportunities for messaging as the button rotates. Advertisers who choose the secondary ad button can request the secondary page that they would like to see their ad posted to, but as not all of the PMI-SVC web pages can support secondary ad buttons the ultimate placement will be decided by PMI-SVC. Advertisers may be offered a choice of pages for approval before the advertisement is posted to the website.

Website Advertisement Rates

The PMI-SVC advertising rates for placing an advertisement on the PMI-SVC website are as follows:

PMI-SVC Website Ad 1-Month Ad
3-Month Ad
6-Month Ad
1-Year Ad

Home Page Ad (Button & Logo 120W x 180H)

$125 $200 $350 $575 GIF file format for button image
Secondary Page Advertising Button (Corporate, Professional Development, 
or other non-Home Page location (Button and Logo 120W x 180H)
$65 $125 $200 $350 JPEG or GIF file format for button image

General Guidelines & Listing Information for Website Advertisements

The following guidelines must be adhered to when submitting an advertisement for consideration:

  • Advertisements that are accepted for the PMI-SVC website must contain material that can benefit the chapter membership.
  • All advertisement requests must be formally reviewed and approved by the PMI-SVC Director of Sponsorship and Advertising prior to being posted on the PMI-SVC website.
  • All advertising content must be submitted in the final presentation format – While PMISVC may work with advertisers regarding their advertising content all advertisements should be submitted in their final intended format.
  • All advertising related links will open in a new browser page.
  • Home Page Banner Advertisements on home page will link to the advertiser’s company website or for sponsors who also advertise, within the PMI-SVC website where additional details, including but not limited to contact information are listed.

Newsletter Advertising

PMI-SVC also publishes a monthly newsletter with a distribution audience of more than 1,600 members and other affiliated organizations. The PMI-SVC monthly newsletter represents an excellent opportunity to reach a large project management audience with a well-designed company logo and slogan. Advertisements placed in the PMI-SVC monthly newsletter can be in the form of a business card, or ¼ page advertisement. The advertisements will be placed within the monthly newsletter, and ¼ page advertisements will be strategically placed throughout the newsletter. Several options are available for the length of the advertisement in PMI-SVC newsletter, ranging from one month to 1 year.

Monthly Newsletter Advertising Rates

The PMI-SVC advertising rates for placing an advertisement in PMI-SVC monthly newsletter:

PMI-SVC Newsletter
1 Monthly Issue
3 Monthly Issues
6 Monthly Issues
1 Year of Issues
Monthly Newsletter (Company Logo and Contact Information) $50 $125 $200 $350 Advertisement to be submitted and approved by PMI-SVC
Monthly Newsletter (Business Card size: 2 1/8" x 3 7/8") $90 $170 $250 $425 Advertisement to be submitted and approved by PMI-SVC
Monthly Newsletter (1/4 Page: 3 7/8" x 5") $130 $275 $400 $570 Advertisement to be submitted and approved by PMI-SVC

Publication Requirements

All advertisements submitted to PMI-SVC for publication must be ‘publication ready”. This includes any quarter page advertisements, business cards, company logos & slogans submitted for the PMI-SVC website homepage, monthly newsletters, or event related advertisements.

“Publication-ready information” means electronically-transferable writing and graphics, camera-ready art or logos, and/or typed information. Any art or graphic related materials must be submitted in a TIFF, GIF or JPEG format. Finally, all “publication-ready” information must be submitted by the deadline date shown below in order to be published in the next monthly issue.

Publication Guidelines

Submit “publication-ready” advertising materials for publication by the first of the month for publication in the next monthly issue. See the Advertising Ordering Process in the next section for details related to how all advertisements should be ordered, submitted, and how advertisements will be reviewed before publication. In addition, specific details must be provided to PMI-SVC to complete the advertisement order.

Non PMI-SVC Sponsored Event Advertising

PMI-SVC also offers advertising for non-PMI-SVC sponsored events that take place throughout the year in the Greater Sacramento Valley area. For these various non-PMI-SVC events, advertisements for project management related events in the local area will be posted on a separate page under “Non PMI-SVC Events” on the PMI-SVC website including event details, event sponsor information and also will include a company logo advertisement for the event sponsor.

Any events advertised on the PMI-SVC website must be legitimate, and all such advertisements will be reviewed, evaluated and approved by the PMI-SVC Director of Sponsorship & Advertising and PMI-SVC Advertising Program Manager. Once approved, the advertisement will be listed with all non-PMI-SVC events for the current year. The non PMI-SVC events will not be included on the PMI-SVC calendar of event, but will be listed on their own separate page.

Event Advertising Rates

Non PMI-SVC Event Ad
1-Month Event Ad
3-Month Event Ad
6-Month Event Ad


Website non-PMI-SVC Event Advertisement $150 $280 $450 Non-PMI-SVC advertisements must be reviewed and approved by the
Director of Sponsorship & Advertising and the Advertising Program Mgr

Sponsorship Level Advertising

Sponsorship level advertising is available for various levels of corporate sponsorship for PMISVC. For more information regarding the Corporate Sponsorship Program please visit the PMI-SVC Corporate Sponsorship site for more information about the benefits available for each level of sponsorship.

Advertising Policy

All advertisements submitted to PMI-SVC are subject to the acceptance and approval of the PMI-SVC board and staff representatives. Please note that PMI-SVC will not approve advertisements for products or services that are competitive with PMI-SVC offerings.  PMI-SVC reserves the right to cancel advertisements at any time and will refund any prorated fees for advertisements. Advertisements which are submitted that are deceptive or misleading, make unsupported claims, are detrimental to the public interest, or are otherwise incompatible with the character of International PMI or PMI-SVC and its publications will not be accepted.

Additionally, advertisements that undermine the professionalism of the project management profession and/or PMI-SVC also will not be accepted. PMI-SVC, in its sole discretion, will also reserve the right to decline to accept any proposed advertising. Finally, PMI-SVC will consider the overall impression or tone of the advertisement and its impact on the member audience for this advertising in determining whether such an advertisement will be accepted.

Advertising Ordering Process

The ordering process for advertisements placed with PMI-SVC is outlined as follows:

1)  Complete and sign the PMI-SVC_Advertising_OrderForm.doc and enclose it with your payment.

2)  Select the various pricing option(s) you are ordering

3)  Select the month(s) the event ad is to run.

4)  All PMI-SVC advertisement orders must be received at least two weeks prior to the first of each month. If an order is
received late, the advertisement will be held for publication the following month. Also see the Publication Deadlines
for any print / newsletter related orders.

5)  Submit your PMI-SVC Advertising Order Request Form and advertisement information via e-mail to PMI-SVC at

6)  Make checks payable to PMI-SVC, print the order form, and mail to:

Project Management Institute
Sacramento Valley Chapter
1731 Howe Avenue, PMB 239
Sacramento, CA 95825-2209