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2022 PMI-SVC Board of Directors Election Results

2022 PMI-SVC Board of Directors Election Results

The 2022 PMI-SVC Board of Directors' Election process is now complete.

We are very pleased to announce the new 2023-2024 term PMI-SVC Board of Directors (BOD) members (listed below).

Please join us in extending your congratulations as well as your support for the current and newly elected BOD as they work on our behalf to meet the chapter’s objectives, goals, and projects for the coming term. The new elected officers will transition to and commences office on January 1, 2023.

  • Wayne Hart - Vice President of Career Development
  • Kate BonDurant - Vice President of Marketing
  • Matthew Daley - Vice President of Operations

The position of Vice President of Events did not have a candidate, so the current BOD will have to appoint someone to fill it.


I want to thank the team for their dedication and hard work and for the Oversight who provided guidance and support during this election cycle.

Linn Hom (Elections Lead)

Tanela Bryant

Viji Gururajan

Brad Mahaney (Oversight)