PMI Sacramento Chapter

Volunteer Of The Quarter -Rose Elley - July 2018 - September 2018

Rose Elley - Volunteer Of The Quarter - July to September

rose_elleyRose Elley: Career Development Forum Chair

The PMI Sacramento Valley Chapter thanks and recognizes you for your outstanding efforts and achievements as the Chair of the Career Development Forum.

PMI-SVC: How many years have you been volunteering for PMI-SVC? 
Rose: I moved to the PMI-Sacramento Chapter from the PMI-Denver Chapter in 2002. I started volunteering circa 2005 after graduating with my MBA from UC Davis and earning my PMP. I served on the PMI-SVC Board as VP Membership and VP Marketing. While VP Marketing, I founded the Career Development Forum with the exemplary assistance of Tom Carlos, for PMI-SVC members to specifically focus on career advancement while enabling rapid employment for those in career transition. 

PMI-SVC:  How many years with the Career Development Forum?  
Rose:  In my first four years leading the Career Development Forum, we met 52 times a years, every single weekend at a single location. I then stepped out for three years while going through my cancer treatment and forum members Bill Slingland and Chris Moore took over. Under their leadership of Bill Slingland, the forum was restructured to meet twice a month at two unique locations and 1.5 PDUs was awarded for attendance. I have been back leading this forum for four years. The Career Development Forum has been serving chapter members for eleven years.

This is a grass roots group. We are for our people, by our people. We operate applying the 21st Century Leadership model, shared leadership. Our forum members are what makes this group successful. We flex and mold to fulfill the needs of our current membership. Bill Slingland, David Knowles, Eric Herberholz, and Kent Shepherd are four of our key members who make things happen and keep our lives exciting. But, honestly, the intention behind the way our forum operates is such that each person who attends a meeting leave behind a positive footprint that benefits those who come along behind them.

PMI-SVC:  What do you enjoy about being a volunteer and a forum lead?
Rose:  I enjoy having a vision and bringing it to reality. I enjoy seeing others be successful and supporting them in any way I can. I've enjoyed all the people I have meet through volunteering, the friendships and mentoring I have both given and received. I've enjoyed finding out exactly how things work behind the surface. Volunteering has been key to growing my skill-set and developing my own leadership style.

PMI-SVC:  What do you like to do in your spare time?
Rose:  In my spare time I play the piano and study the guitar. I practice my Spanish. I enjoy writing and am working on my book. I also enjoy cooking. I also volunteer at the Children's Receiving Home and a few other local community oriented places. I fund raise for Alzheimer’s.