PMI Sacramento Chapter

Volunteer Of The Quarter - Linn Hom ( July - October -2017)

Volunteer of The Quarter - Linn Hom


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Linn Hom : Project Manager, PMI-SVC Election Committee

The PMI Sacramento Valley Chapter thanks and recognizes you for your outstanding efforts and achievements as the 2017 Elections Project Manager.

Linn is currently a Project Manager with California Department of Health Care Services

PMI-SVC : How many years are you volunteering for PMI-SVC?  
 Over 15 years (in a variety of volunteer positions including Secretary (2008) which is now VP of Administration).

PMI-SVC : How many years with the elections team.? 
Linn: Eight years on and off as Project Manager and committee member.

PMI-SVC: What do you like to do in your spare time?  
Linn: Sewing, crafting and all things Harry Potter (watching the movies back-to-back and re-reading the books) and a bit of retail therapy squeezed in.  When I am not doing that, I  am visiting with family and friends in the Bay Area.

Thank you Linn Hom!!