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Evelyne Konedeng Volunteer of the Quarter: July 2022 to September 2022

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1.When did you first join PMI-SVC?
I joined PMI-Sacramento Valley Chapter in September of 2021! In reflection, it is one of the best decisions I have made!

2.What were you looking for when you joined?
Once I learned that PMI chapters are volunteer-run communities that allow you to connect to other project management professionals, develop your skills and give back to your local area, I knew as a PMP Certificate holder, this might be the perfect community for me. I needed to find a structure and viable schedule to encourage me to continue to build on my PM discipline outside my typical work week. Discovering that many members, directors and board members have day jobs, I wanted to learn more intimately what Chapters offered those types of individuals. It has always been intriguing. What drew me in was the Guest Pass Program at PMI-SVC. It allowed me to get in and explore opportunities with no risks.

3.What have you learned (professionally and personally) through your volunteering journey?
Through my volunteering journey, I have learned a large amount about what a Chapter does for a community of peers and how these connections amplify one’s professional development. PMI-SVC’s calendar of events is jam-packed with options. The Board of Directors is highly active and engaged considering they are all volunteers as well. This experience has added a confidence level based on the trust learned in the best practices and integrity of those in the same discipline across all industries. While we all have niches, the core of our discipline is undeniably: project management and servant leadership. The lessons combined continue to polish my outlook, approaches, and playbook strategies. On a personal level, I sincerely and genuinely enjoy giving back when I can, while making a commitment to contribute.


4.What do you enjoy most about being a volunteer for the Chapter?
What I enjoy most about being a volunteer is working with our Vice President of Member Relations, Adam Schmidt. His leadership style, flexibility, agility, and delivery are exemplary in my opinion. The projects I am assigned align well with what I enjoy working on, passionately. The pressure is different when volunteering. I truly appreciate being able to explore new interests and datasets while applying my existing skillsets and toolbox to achieve the tasks at hand to practice and apply new skillsets while learning different software solutions “for fun”. Volunteering has expanded my technical horizons in various ways. Always learning, keeping things fresh and exciting. I love change and variety!

5.Please complete this sentence: Being a volunteer for the Chapter has given me the opportunity to: keep my mind sharp in different avenues of Project Management and Leadership. It places me in realistic scenarios to be part of problem-solving efforts for an entity that is all about giving back to its community.

6.What would you advise PMI-SVC members that are considering volunteering?
If you’re considering volunteering, just inquire within! As the Capital of California, belonging to the Sacramento Valley Chapter is an obvious choice if you are within your personal acceptable distance. Between virtual and in-person events, there should be plenty for you to pick from. Someone (including myself if requested) within PMI-SVC will be more than happy to spend some time with you to intimately discover what you could contribute towards while simultaneously receive the priceless return of giving back to our PM community as PDUs and other non-monetary fulfilling rewards!

7.What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time, I enjoy getting lost on my Can Am Ryker 900 Sport! When possible, I plan and love to travel to new locations. Some of my favorite local places include Monterey and Big Sur, even Hawaii. I’ve traveled to several states and plan to do several more. I hope to make it back to France this April 2023 and go even further eventually! I love visiting my friends and family as often as I can. Some of my other hobbies include interior design/décor and event planning!


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