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Government Forum Charter

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Membership: The Project Management Institute (PMI) Sacramento Valley Chapter (SVC) Government Forum is intended for anyone involved with the city, county, state, or federal government project management.  We require no reservations, we charge no fees, PMI membership is not required, and the atmosphere remains informal to encourage two way conversations during the presentations.  For questions, to volunteer, or to obtain more information, contact govforum@pmi-svc.org.

Mission: The PMI-SVC Government Forum will champion generally accepted project management approaches and a common project management lexicon for individuals with project management responsibilities in government agencies and other public and private sector firms that support government agencies.  To accomplish this, the Government Forum will provide information sharing opportunities among its participants and ask that PMI play a role in advocating improvement in the way government projects are managed.

Purpose: To promote awareness of project management as a means to reduce cost, improve timeliness and improve the quality of government projects.

Goals: The goals of the Government Forum are to:
1.       Foster professionalism in the management of government projects.
2.       Contribute to the quality and scope of project management of government projects.
3.       Stimulate appropriate application of project management for the benefit of the general public.
4.       Provide a recognized forum for the free exchange of ideas, applications, and solutions to project management issues among Government Forum participants, and others interested in and involved in project management of government projects.
5.       Identify and promote the fundamentals of project management and advance the body of knowledge for managing government projects successfully.
6.       Encourage appropriate education and career development at all levels of project management activities.
7.       Seek and foster cooperation and contacts with government agencies and other public and private sector firms that support government agencies, and collaborate in matters of common interest and benefit.

Vision: The Government Forum is a recognized leader in promoting the practice of project management and providing guidance in project management standards that are widely recognized and consistently applied on government projects.  

Objectives/Desired Outcomes: To support its mission and realize its vision, the Government Forum will:
1.       Seek to expand the breadth of participation in Government Forum activities.
2.       Host 10 meetings or presentations per year on project management topics of interest to Government Forum participants.
3.       Develop a centralized repository (develop and publish an inventory) of materials including training, templates, reusable tools, process models, etc., and a contact list of subject area experts.
4.       Promote the exchange of best practices among government agencies, private sector firms, and others interested in government projects.
5.       Provide Government Forum participants with personal and professional growth opportunities through awareness, education, and training on project management practices.
6.       Maintain a web page to communicate events and provide resources.

Current Environment - The Government Forum operations are characterized by:
1.       Regular monthly lunch-time meetings
2.       All volunteer organization

1.       Most agencies implementing / expanding PMO’s.
2.       Most agencies working on developing / improving methodologies.
3.       Government innovation initiatives.
4.       Active private sector community.

Team Authority / Constraints:
1.       See PMI-SVC Policy on Forums.  
2.       Government Forum activities and accomplishments are subject to available volunteer resources.



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