Event Descriptions

PMI-SVC offers a full calendar of interesting events that have both professional and social benefits. The PMI-SVC Calendar contains information on upcoming events.

Event Name

Event Description



Monthly Dinner Session All Sacramento Valley Chapter Monthly Dinner Session include an educational program consisting of one or two presentations, the opportunity to network with peers, with dinner  or it might be a virtual event Monthly 1 or 2
Forums - Geographic Informal gatherings located conveniently in different locations around the Sacramento metropolitan area.  There is no charge for meetings and each person pays for their own breakfast, lunch, or dinner when offered. Monthly 1
Forums - Special Interest Special Interest Forums focus on specific industries, and provide members with the opportunity to attend formal presentations on common areas of interest from industry experts and members with specialized knowledge and experience. Generally there is no charge to attend, though some Forums do request advance registration or charge a small fee for special events. Monthly 1
Workshops An intensive educational program for a limited group of people that focuses especially on techniques and skills in Project Management and related topics. These workshops are sponsored by the PMI-SVC, but offered by third party providers, and usually include presentation and hands on work to facilitate skill development. Varies Varies
Conferences and Seminars The Chapter sponsors conferences and seminars throughout the year, often in conjunction with other chapters and/or organizations. Non-member policy varies by event, and is listed in the event's page. Varies Varies