Downtown (Sac) Breakfast Forum

downtown.jpgDescription:  This is a facilitated roundtable discussion on agenda topics solicited from the attendees during introductions.  The intent of these meetings is to promote an informal gathering of project managers, working in commercial and private sector organizations. We will discuss current "hot topics" to leverage knowledge and experience. On occasion we will have speakers to share either a particular specialty or who wish to have feedback on a potential presentation.

This forum is open to all and provides an opprotunity to network and solicit services or  open positions.

What can particpants expect to gain from attending?

The intent of the meeting is to add to each participant’s knowledge of project management and provide an opportunity to network with other PM professionals from a wide variety of vocational disciplines.

We  spend about 5 minutes at the beginning of each with introductions followed by discussions based on attendee input.  You are welcome to share your ideas, expertise, and experience in this field.  As always, please bring your own topics of interest for sharing with your colleagues.  We are always happy to help with networking.

Write to Brook Gale at to sign up for the Downtown Breakfast Forum.  Brook is the chair and facilitator for this roundtable.

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