Highway 50 Breakfast Forum



This is a facilitated roundtable discussion on agenda topics solicited from the attendees during introductions.  The intent of these meetings is to promote an informal gathering of a dozen project managers working in commercial and private sector organizations to discuss current topics related to project management.  Participants will receive suggestions from the other attendees on current challenges and share information on items of interest.  These meetings are open to anyone interested in enhancing their project management knowledge and meeting other PM professionals.  A Chapter Volunteer facilitates every meeting.     
What can you expect to gain from attending this meeting?
The intent of the meeting is to add to each participant’s knowledge of project management and provide an opportunity to network with other PM professionals from a wide variety of vocational disciplines.
We will spend about 10 minutes at the beginning of each discussion on a monthly kickoff topic of general interest.  You are welcome to share your ideas, expertise, and experience in this field.  As always, please bring your own topics of interest for sharing with your colleagues.  We are always happy to help with networking.

Please register in advance with the event host to help plan and arrange seats—Walk-ins welcome.

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Forum ChairChristian Ignasiak


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