Frequently Asked Questions

PMI-SVC Chapter Questions

What is the PMI-SVC Chapter, and how is it different from PMI?

Local Chapters are an extension of the PMI, enabling physical proximity benefits.  Local chapters provide services such networking opportunities and educational events that can be attended in person for better support of the members.

Can I be affiliated with the Chapter without being a PMI Member?

Yes, you can attend most of our events, volunteer for certain positions, and utilize any of the services the chapter offers that are not for members only.

What services and benefits does the chapter provide me and the PM community?

For the general public, we provide educational opportunities and networking events.  For the PMI Members and certification holders, we offer ways to earn PDUs, through online and in-person learning, free knowledge sharing, connections to other members, and a host of other benefits.

What types of events does the Chapter host?

The chapter offers workshops, conferences and seminars relating to project management topics as well as monthly dinners, forums and social mixers.  Events can be found on the chapter website under the EVENTS Tab.

How does a Forum differ from the Chapter?

Forums are typically regularly scheduled (i.e. Monthly) meetings hosted by Chapter members, to discuss specific areas of interest.  The Chapter supports these forums with administrative assistance and guidance.  Learn more here.

Do I need to be a member to Volunteer?

No.  Anyone who is interested in project management can volunteer in many different capacities.  However, if you are interested in holding a Board position, Director, or Forum Chairperson in the Chapter, you must be a Chapter Member in Good Standing

Why should I volunteer?

Volunteering not only helps the chapter but it can help you meet other members, further develop project management skills, help enhance your resume and earn PDUs. See the Volunteer Opportunities page for more information.

How do I go about volunteering?

A list of Open Volunteer Positions can be found under the GET INVOLVED Tab on the website.  After reviewing the open positions fill out and submit the Volunteer Form at the end of the details of the position you are interested in.  If you don't find a specific position that interest you, fill out and submit the Volunteer Form on the position of MISC - General Volunteer (any position).  Someone will contact you to discuss your volunteer interests to help make the right position fit.

Can I receive PDUs for Chapter sponsored events without being a Chapter member?

Anyone who has a current PMI approved certification (PMP, PgMP, etc.) in good standing is eligible to earn PDUs at any Chapter sponsored event.  However, the PDU reporting guidelines and limitations mandated by PMI will still be in effect. For more information, please see the Reporting PDUs page of the website.

Board Meetings, can anyone attend?

Unless otherwise noted due to confidential discussion items, Board meetings are open to guest attendees. It is important to note that if a guest only wishes to observe the meeting, they only need to email  the Board . However, if time on the agenda is desired for a particular topic, that guest must submit their request through the Vice President for the appropriate area (i.e. Operations, Professional Development, etc.).

Website Questions

Where can I find educational events being offered by the chapter?

Descriptions or our educational events can be found on the under the EVENTS Tab.

Does the chapter help with job searching and placement?

Yes.  The chapter hosts a Career Development Forum, which meets regularly, and discusses topics for those interested in the job search.  It also provides advance notification of openings in the local area to chapter members.  Learn more here

Do I have to be a member of PMI to utilize the chapter's services?

Some of the services the chapter offers are reserved for the paying members of the chapter, to provide them value for their membership.  Other services are open to anyone, such as forums, educational and networking events

What type of information will I find on the Chapter library?

For the general public, you can find lots of information around the chapter operations and some of the previous presentations that have been archived there.  For the chapter members, we have templates, membership directories, chapter governance information, and additional resources to help you.

How does the Member Directory work?

The member Directory is restricted to PMI and PMI-SVC chapter members.  When logged in to the website you can view a listing of all chapter members, search for people, and send them an email for the purpose of connecting offline.

Member Login Questions

How do I login?
  1. Click the LOGIN link at the upper right of the Home Page.  
  2. Login credentials are the same as what is used for   

If you cannot remember your username or password, click on the FORGOT USERNAME or FORGOT PASSWORD link.  You will be directed to another screen to get the appropriate information.  If you need assistance please contact

What's my login and password?

Your username is most likely your first initial, and your last name concatenated together. So, John Smiths username would be jSmith. Your password is most likely your PMI member number. If you continue to have difficulty logging in after trying this combination, please contact

Why do I have to login to the chapter website?

You do not need to be logged in every time you visit the website. However, there are times when you should ensure you are logged in. Some of the material on the chapter website is provided for the benefit of members only, and is not visible to the general public. In addition, the member discounts available for most events are only provided to members that are logged in during the registration process. 

Does the website automatically force me to change my password periodically?

No. You are not required to change you password on the PMI-SVC system

Can I reuse a password that I had in the past?

Yes. Passwords can be reused.

How do I change my profile information?

To make any profile changes, such as email, address, and name updates, go through PMI Global. They will send your changes to us. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us at .

What happens if my name changes - i.e. marriage, etc.?

If you wish to change your name as it appears on your PMI-SVC Profile you must change it on your profile first.  To change it on your profile, contact PMI Global Customer Care at  These changes will then be sent to PMI-SVC. 

Newsletter Subscriptions and Communications

Why do I receive Newsletters and how did I get added?

The Chapter prides itself on sending out informative biweekly newsletters, as well as Forum messages and information, on a regular basis. Upon activation to the chapter you automatically added to our general distribution.  You can also add/modify your preferences via the chapter website.  See JOIN OUR E-MAIL LIST (FOR NON-MEMBERS) on the bottom right of the website.

What types of newsletters and communications are being sent?

Currently, the Chapter is sending out the following:

  • A biweekly newsletter, which offers the reader information on upcoming events, educational opportunities, Chapter updates, and messages from the      Board
  • Forum communications, which provide details on upcoming meetings and educational events for each Forum
  • Special Bulletins, which often provide breaking news on the Chapter
  • Event updates"
When are newsletters and other communications sent?

Newsletters are sent on a biweekly basis - typically on the Monday preceding the Technical Dinner meeting, and then again two weeks later. Forum communications typically go out on a monthly basis, depending upon the Forum's meeting schedule. Other Special Bulletins and Event Updates are sent on an 'as needed' basis.

How do I modify the types of communications I receive?

Any Forum message or PMI-SVC newsletter has a link at the bottom that allows the recipient to change their subscriptions.  Send an email to with questions.

How do I unsubscribe from some or all communications?

You can unsubscribe from any or all communications in many ways:

  1. Go to, login, look for the ""Join our email"" section found towards the bottom right, and click on the "Unsubscribe to All Lists” - both members and non-members can do this.
  2. Any Forum message or PMI-SVC newsletter has a link at the bottom that allows the recipient to unsubscribe.
  3. Send an email to with questions.
How do I change my email account that receives the chapter communications?

PMI-SVC receives all of the member contact information from PMI Global. To change your email address, please request the change at

Who should I contact with questions?

Any questions pertaining to the newsletter, website, or other communications efforts should be addressed via email to

Registering for Events

Do I have to register in advance for events?

Many events offer a discount for early registration. In addition, many events fill up before the registration deadline. PMI-SVC recommends that you register for events as early as possible to secure the best price and to ensure a place at the event.

Can I register without logging in?

Yes, you can register for any event open to the public without logging into the system first. However, you will not receive the member discount if one is available for that event. In addition you cannot register for events that are only open to members of the SVC chapter.

Can I register a group of people?

Some events allow you to register a group of people, and some events offer a discount for group registration. You will be offered the opportunity to register a group of people by the specific event registration if that option is available for that event.

Can I pay when I arrive at the event?

Some events, such as the monthly Technical Dinner Meeting, allow you to \"Pay Later\". Other events do not support this option due to the registration fees. You will be offered the opportunity to \"Pay at the Door\" for events offering this option. Please keep in mind, that payment at the door must be made by check or cash since credit card transactions are generally not supported. 

Can I pay via check instead of credit card?

Yes, if an event allows the "Pay at the Door" option, you can bring a check or cash as a the form of payment. However, to pay online, you must pay by credit card through PayPal.

Can I be invoiced after the event?

We do have a special process in place to handle invoice registration requests, which are typically made by State agencies.  With a timely request. made in advance of the event, we can usually work with you.  Send an Email to to request an invoice to register for an event.

What are the cancellation policies if I can't attend an event for which I am registered?

If you register for an event and you are not able to attend. Please contact up to seven days prior to the event to inform the chapter of your need to cancel. If you do not contact the chapter prior to the event, your registration fee is non-refundable due to the costs associated with the event. Please see the "Terms and Conditions" for a specific event for more information. 

How does PayPal work with the Chapter website?

The integration between PMI-SVC and PayPal securely passes an individual's registration information from PMI-SVC to PayPal to complete the event registration purchase transaction, and a record of that purchase is transmitted securely back from PayPal to the PMI-SVC systems.

Does the Chapter website store any credit card or personal information?

The names and Email addresses (as well as phone number and physical address if provided) of members of the chapter, of people who subscribe to our newsletters, and of people who register for PMI-SVC events, are stored within our database system. No credit card information is taken or stored by PMI-SVC directly when registering for an event. However, a record of your event registration purchase transaction, including credit card information, is stored by PayPal.