Introduction to Project Management

Are you a project management student, early-career professional or an educator teaching project management skills or related life-skills? The Sacramento Valley Chapter of PMI is dedicated to supporting all changemakers wherever they are in their education and career. Project management training and certification can help whether you're interested in ways to improve as a team leader or to take the next step in your chosen career.

What do project managers do every day?

A PM is often the person that helps the entire team be successful. They help the team by leading meetings, facilitating work, securing resources and solving problems. They are often the face of the project itself and may meet customers and brief senior leaders. They're job is to know everything about the project and how to keep it on track.

Do I need a special college degree to be a project manager?

There are project managers in every field, from education to construction to law. There are college degrees and certifications in project management but not all jobs require a degree in project management. In fact, many people become project managers after they gain experience in their chosen career field.

What is the Project Management Professional certification?

The PMP is a certification of a project management expertise offered by the Project Management Institute. It indicates that a project manager has achieved a level of expertise and had a common level of understanding in the profession.

How does someone get their first job as a project manager?

Project managers continue to build their technical and people skills all the time.

What are other jobs related to project management?

  • Project Coordinators
  • Workflow Coordinator
  • Risk Analysts
  • Team Leads
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Master
  • Project Scheduler

What sort of personality do you need to have to be a project manager?

Project managers are excited by new ideas and don't mind taking a leadership role within their teams. Since project management is about bringing a new change, most project managers have some affinity for change and risk. Being comfortable with process, pre-planning, and ensuring quality are important traits as well. Being able to work effectively with people is critical, so a project manager must be able to work effectively through conflict.

Is being a project manager stressful?

Project management is stressful, and many project managers are people who thrive on deadlines. Project work is challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Is project management a growing field?

Yes! Right now the global demand for new project management jobs is growing by over 2 million every year. Top growth sectors include health care, manufacturing, construction, information technology and finance.

How much money do project managers make?

A project manager's salary depends on their industry, experience and certifications. In 2021, the median salary of a project manager in the United States was $115,000. The mean for project managers with less than three years work experience was $79,000.

How do I get to be a certified project manager?

New project managers without project management experience qualify for the Certified Associate in Project Management.  Project managers with five years of experience, or three years of experience and a four year college degree, qualify for Project Management Professional Certification.  Additional project management education is required and certification is dependent on passage of the exam. 

Certified Associate in Project Management Certification

Project Management Professional Certification